Mortician: No War & More CD

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If you come across a band named MORTICIAN and a lead guitar player whose surname is Metzler (“butcher” could be an adequate translation) you could get the idea this is a blasting grindcore act. You could not be farther from the truth. This band MORTICIAN from Austria, formed in 1983 by schoolmates Thomas Metzler (leadguitar) and Roland Konzett (rhythmguitar) has been dedicated ever since to the classic and real heavy metal sound with all their heart and soul.

With their wild, straight ahead heavy metal sound they only made it their lone EP “No war” from 1987 as official release and their two demos “Street warrior” also in 1987 and “Breaking the rules” in 1989, despite their fairly well composed, catchy songs. All three manifests of austrian iron art, expanded with one compilation track recorded live, find themselves now on the ultimate MORTICIAN anthology “No war” and are the best proof that you do not need to be from England to play European heavy metal of the highest class with enormous passion. The sound could compete with every euro metal album that’s regarded as classic nowadays, every song was played with an untamed youthful lust for life, the whole appearance was an iron unity of edgy riffing, catchy melodies and very emotional and charismatic vocals, the only way to experience this lost classic of austrian heavy metal.

And since an old love never rusts, this band got reforged in 2009 and prepares an adequate comeback, even with new composition in their much appreciated classic style.