Mutant Ape: What’s Left? CD


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First CD release by Turgid Animal UK’s big boss man. AKA “The Best of 2006”, this disc re-issues tracks from the CD-r split with Shift on Alfa Male Discharge, the “What’s Left?” business card set on Dumping Ground, the “No Bodies” 3″ CD-r on Amorf Sounds and the Mutant Ape side of the split tape with Grunt. All tracks take a more composed route than previous and more recent works and blur the lines between Rough Harsh Noise, Power Electronics and almost Industrial Soundscapes. 50+ minutes of blown out hatred from northern England’s most loved/hated (depending who you talk to). If you were to pick up just one item from this lad’s messy and plain filthy discography, let this be the one. Edition of 300 copies. 4 page booklet and double sided tray with black and white artwork by Tony Shepard in standard jewel case. Evil… but you knew that already.