Nachtmystium: Instinct: Decay CD

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10 tracks, 60 minutes. Led by the incendiary Azentrius, Nachtmystium are one of the key North American black metal groups right now.

Instinct:Decay is the third full-length album by Nachtmystium. It was rated the 4th best album of the year by Decibal Magazine.

NACHTMYSTIUM are an American psychedelic, atmospheric black metal band formed by Blake Judd (aka Azentrius) in 2000. While they have performed in corpse paint and toured with other black metal acts (such as 1349, Angelcorpse, Goatwhore, and Watain) Judd claims that his band should not be considered black metal. Over the years Nachtmystium has been augmented by a long roster of musicians.

What Nachtmystium have unearthed with their latest masterpiece is a further plunge into the band’s unearthly musical histrionics where a more aggressive, experimental, and psychedelic portrait is painted through many layers of sound that flow through infectious dark and morbid melodies of despair that sear throughout the album’s discourse.

As well, Instinct:Decay sees Nachtmystium incorporating other musical influences into their aural landscape and making them more profound. With “outside” influences such as Pink Floyd (a prominent influential artist consistent within Nachtmystium’s repertoire), Earth, and even Sunn 0))) (an act in which Nachtmystium have shared the stage with), such influences that have been incorporated have helped take this band’s sound to new levels and new perspectives. Overall, Instinct:Decay will help solidify Nachtmystium’s position while re-defining, and re-shaping, the future of black metal.