Nightstick: Rock And Roll Weymouth CD

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Here we go, the heaviest band in the world! A bit too weird and experimental for the regular doom crowd, too bludgeoningly heavy for the avante-garde folk, NIGHTSTICK were always a bit of a red-headed stepchild at the party. Albeit a red-headed stepchild smoking crack and punching the kid who’s party it was in the face. Having recorded this record over twelve years ago and facing the apathy of safe world of big metal labels, finally Rock And Roll Weymouth finds a home at At War With False Noise!

As a teenager in the mid-to-late 90s, the metal mainstream was clogged up almost entirely with trendy boring shit and hearing Nightstick for the first time was an absolute revelation for me. I loved how their songs would often just completely fall apart under their own sheer weight and power, meandering under a brutal bass tone of psychedelic guitar freakout for a while before coming back for another assault. Rob Williams was the drummer in the great SIEGE and it seems that being in the band who invented grindcore wasn’t enough and slowing it down and turning it up were the only things left to do.

Anyway…to the album! This record kinda loosely follows Floyd’s Ummagumma with each member of the band contributing a solo piece, along with three long album tracks. The album kicks off at breakneck pace with the band’s title song – quite possibly their best tune ever and bests even Pig In Shit for sheer catchy destruction – which halfway through blows itself out in a cloud of psychedelic haze. Emerging from this is the banjo-infused “Let Your Freak Flag Fly”, which ends with a hilarious message from the lamest promoter of all time trying to explain why he shat it from putting them on live. “The Boot Of Discipline” is total heavy-duty mantra time and everything is rounded off with a caveman doom version of Also Sprach Zarathustra.

Needless to say, to put out a lost album from one of my favourite bands is a mighty honour for myself and for me this is their best record ever (yet?!). ENJOY!

500 copies in a matte six-panel digipak.