Nomos: Demo 7″


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Demo 7″ from NYC hardcore band NOMOS, originally issued as a run of 100 cassettes, now seeing a release on vinyl. Six songs in under nine minutes. Influenced equally by early 80’s rippers like Poison Idea, Void, and Antidote and early 90’s hardcore such as Citizen’s Arrest, No Comment, and Infest. Recorded by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios and featuring artwork and layout by Vincent Smith. MRR’s review of the demo: “The first song on this demo, including its intro and how it sets things up for the rest of the song, is possibly one of the most perfectly written/executed hardcore songs I have ever heard. From the opening chord ringing out “Stand Up” style to the sarcastic-sounding ride cymbal hits near the end of the intro…fuck, I could go on and I won’t, but this song deserves its own review. As for the rest, they’re a bit different and not quite as captivating, but still damn good on their own, bringing to mind CITIZEN’S ARREST and post-Disassembly Line CAPITALIST CASUALTIES both via the present in terms of songwriting, with abrasive shouted vocals, a scuzzy bass tone, a thick guitar sound, and everything recorded in the red for the perfect distorted grate. Please do a 7″, if not an LP.”


1. The Most Dangerous Game
2. Salvation/Annihilation
3. Pax
4. Operation Cyclone
5. The Cunning Of Nature
6. Homo Homini Lupus