Nuclearhammer / Begrime Exemious: Heretical Serpent Cult CD

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Brand new CD split pairing two of Canada’s most unsung metal forces; Nuclearhammer and Begrime Exemious. Nuclearhammer delivers a twisted cover of Razor’s “Shotgun Justice”, a Slaughter cover (One Foot in the Grave) and a Discharge cover (A Hell on Earth/Cries for Help) along with three new vile passages which are sure to please fans of this Toronto-based horde.

Edmonton’s Begrime Exemious contains the band’s 2007 demo which feature the band’s original vocalist, B. Leland’s haunting shouts. This version of the demo has never been released until now.

Layout by Tim from Antediluvian with cover art by Danille Gauvin (Adversarial, Necrovorous, etc.)