Nuit Noire: Fantomatic Plenitude CD

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Toulouse, France’s NUIT NOIRE (“Black Night”) unleashing their 3rd full-length album! Formerly featuring CELESTIA / DARVULIA member, but now consisting exclusively of Tenbras (vocals and all instruments) with drummer Nicoblast.

‘Faerical blasting Blackened punk’. Less a genre, more an abstract impression of NUIT NOIRE: Blasting Blackened punk– an inimitable mixture of intense drumming and beautifully singular guitars. Natural, unrestrained, atypical French vocals sing out in admiration of those Night creatures that light the darkness, aided only by the moon’s shadow cast in the forest, hidden from all humanity. A childish attitude, sense of alienation from the rest of the adult world. A subject first broached on ‘La Clairiere’ (Once Upon a Night… demo Y2K), expanded in ‘Lunar Deflagration’, now most explicit.

18 Songs (45 minutes); import CD from NUIT NOIRE, France; distributed by Armaggedon Records, Japan. (2008)


“GREAT!” (Ektro Records)