Ogre: The Last Neanderthal LP

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After a lengthy bout of planning, Ogre makes their vinyl debut twice! With the audio now remastered and the artwork revamped for the 12” format, their fourth album of instantly recognisable Doom infected ‘70s Hard Rock is now available in its analogue glory. As the studio album was too long for a single vinyl without skimping on sound quality, it made sense to house the band’s lively rendition of “Soulless Woman” by the ‘70s Ogre on a bonus single. On the reverse, the band opted to pay homage to The Bags with their exclusive take on “Naked Lady” which was a favourite of theirs back in the early ‘90s.

-Yoshiwara 301 – OGRE: “The Last Neanderthal” LP (Limited Orange Wax)
-Yoshiwara 302 – OGRE: “Soulless Woman / Naked Lady” 7” (Limited Blue Wax)