Pagan Rites: Rites of the Pagan Warriors CD

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Starting off with four (out of originally seven) tracks from their “Bloodlust And Devastation” mini LP, two tracks from the self-titled 7″ EP, six demo tracks from their 1992 and 1993 tapes “Pagan Rites” and “Frost”, three songs that are of unknown origin (according to the CD’s liner notes) and a previously unreleased track, entitled ‘Moonfog’. So, what you get here is a very cool overview about the band’s career so far (including some of the original vinyl noises in some of the tracks, as it was obviously directly copied from an old vinyl version rather than a mastertape). PAGAN RITES is a very raw, totally oldschool Black / Thrash act, obviously heavily influenced by old VENOM and MAYHEM, musically always straight forward, very basic and simple, completely uncompromising, dirty and ugly as hell. So, it’s no real surprise to see the NIFELHEIM twins Tyrant and Hellbutcher resurface in the line-up these days.