Pale Divine: Thunder Perfect Mind 2LP (WHITE VINYL)


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Originally released on Game Two in 2001, the Pale Divine debut album makes its vinyl debut at last! Features two live bonus tracks on side D.

“Trouble, Priest, Witchfinder General, Pentagram, the Obsessed, early Orange Goblin, etc…This album is a trip through the historical highpoints of doom rock. I say ‘rock’ because it isn’t funeral, equilibrium style doom. It’s generally a bit more up-tempo.. but in places it is just as heavy. On this album Pale Divine are able to celebrate their influences without losing a sense of their own identity and sound. Great lead guitar, some truly menacing riffs, and a tight rhythm section set Pale Divine above the majority of bands playing this style of music.”

Gatefold double LP, available on standard black (350) and limited white (150) vinyl.