Pharaoh Overlord: Horn (live) CD


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PHARAOH OVERLORD: Horn (live) CD (ektro-091)

Horn is a departure from the Lord’s trademark motorik doom-kraut style. This is nasty, noisy full-on art rock from the outer reaches of space, like early Sonic Youth tearing it up with Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers. The album includes four previously unheard Pharaoh Overlord compositions and a Spacemen 3 cover. Recorded live in Lahti, Finland 2011. Originally released by Ektro’s Full Contact / Svart Records on vinyl.

1. Revolution
2. Relic*
3. Lalibela
4. Solar Stomp
5. Sky

TOTAL: 54:58

* Relic is a CD-exclusive bonus track which completes the concert recording.