Philippe D’aram: La Morte Vivante (The Living Dead Girl) LP


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‘La Morte Vivante‘ (1982) is a French horror film written and directed by Jean Rollin. The film has also been released under the English title ‘The Living Dead Girl‘.

‘La Morte Vivante‘ has an intriguing plot – a girl is resurrected from the dead when two thieves break into a crypt trying to dump some toxic industrial waste. The girl needs blood to survive and kills the thieves and wanders out of the crypt. Her vague memories of her previous life lead her home and she starts hanging around her old house. She continues to kill in order to feed her blood-lust, but as the film progresses she becomes more and more aware of her humanity and realizes that she is in limbo, and acting like a monster. Despite the interesting plot premise, this film fails to fully capitalize on its potential and wanders too far into exploitation territory, and some sloppy acting and production erodes the impact of the movie.

Gore fans will be happy though, this is a brutal film where the camera doesn’t shy away from the blood and guts. An interesting and flawed gem. D’Aram’s soundtrack for ‘La Morte vivante‘ is in a similar vein to his work on ‘Fascination’ and it feels like a natural extension (which is no bad thing). The score is primarily synthesizer based and features slow moving and eerie drone compositions, melancholic violins and cellos, and one guitar and synth based track.

Black as night super limited one-sided laser-etched 180 gram vinyl