Pink Twins: Sketches of Pain DVD


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The monumental title piece of the DVD, Sketches of Pain documents and reconstructs the 2006 concert by Pink Twins with the Mongolian metal group Zugeer L in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The DVD also includes Painless, a short psychedelic re-edit of the concert footage, along with the latest Pink Twins video works: the hugely popular Defenestrator, Appetite for Construction, Module, Pulse + and a remastered version of Splitter. Also video documents from two live concerts are included: Live at Ivalo Church from 2008 and Live at Babylon, Berlin from 2007.

SKETCHES OF PAIN is a PAL format, all-region, dual layer DVD video disc. Total running time about 107 minutes. Packaged in a beautiful shiny DVD-digipak.