Pylon: Not Cobras CD


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“Hyper-primitive like Cromagnon’s Cave Rock LP or Amon Duul’s Psychedelic Underground.” From Aquarius: “Damn, another breath of fresh air blowing over from the Finnish cloudfort. Pylon sends echoing flutes & ram’s horn trumpets over fragmented folk & space-rock marching junkshop drums, maybe there’s an untuned guitar flailing along or a fuzzy Casio organ, someone beating out a morse code on an oven tray or a an old typewriter. Muffled abstract vocals are performed with earnest by Muppets, zombies & monks & are shrouded in effects pedals. This shares something in common with related-groups Avarus/Anaksimandros/Maniacs Dream, but it’s just two guys, so there’s more space around each clang & groan. dance with goats & green maidens, run wild with robots & monsters.”