Pymathon / Gentle Evil split LP

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The most ambitious and so far best heavy/jazz split LP of 2007! No shit.

Pymathon = improvised thrash metal, Gentle Evil = harsh noise free jazz. Both kick ass and crush skulls.

A tasteful combination of improvised thrash noise / metal by Pymathon (Topias Tiheäsalo and Jaakko Tolvi – the former known for his collaboration with RLW and solo CD, the latter for banging drums in Rauhan Orkesteri) and harsh noise-driven free jazz (not dissimilar to Merzbow in places) by Gentle Evil (Janne Tuomi and Tommi Keränen – the former known for a solo CD and percussion for Circle, the latter for being the other half of Testicle Hazard). Three tracks from Pymathon and a single, long track from Gentle Evil. “Both kick ass, crush skulls and are loud enough to demolish buildings”. A solid improv guitar rant for those of a sturdy disposition!