Ranger: Knights of Darkness 12″ (RED VINYL) (SPECIAL EDITION)


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A four-piece HEAVY METAL unit, RANGER shifts into overdrive with their debut vinyl titled Knights of Darkness. Prepare to be mangled, thrashed, and shocked when you drop the needle on this brute. RANGER’S debut MLP is the real-deal pounding metal you haven’t heard in ages. This music is based on the very essence that makes HEAVY METAL music so powerful: a vocalist that sounds like a banshee on the attack, double-lead guitars that send shivers down your spine, and drums hammering like a freight train on the loose. RANGER will split your skulls, one by one, with their intense energy and power that can be heard in every single second of this release! For reference, think old SLAYER, RUNNING WILD, and TYRANT (US) in a car crash on the way to Hell, but 666% RANGER: the Knights of Darkness are on the march, and there’s no escape!!!