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“Cologne electronic musician Reuber (one half of the duo Klangwart) creates unusual electronic pastiches that weave a massive selection of esoteric and unexpected samples into a stunning, vibrant patchwork constantly pulling in different directions. (…) Reuber’s instinct for unusual juxtapositions goes well beyond the postmodern irony of incorporating aboriginal music into a psychedelic techno collage — he has a true ear for combinations that work.” (Ed Howard, Grooves)

“Südpol” (south pole) ist Reuber’s fourth album. It’s cosmic.

Recorded by Timo Reuber in 2005/2006.
Produced by Joseph Suchy (Ekkehard Ehlers, Burnt Friedmann).

2005 Kintopp (staubgold 48 cd/lp)
2001 ruhig blut (staubgold 18 cd/lp)
2000 Anna (staubgold 8 lp)

with Klangwart (Markus Detmer and Timo Reuber):
1999 Zwei (klangstelle 5 lp)
1998 Köln-Olpe (klangstelle 3 lp)
1997 Inkiek (klangstelle 1 mcd)