Revenge: Nail Them All 7″


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Back in the 80’s we were talking about the American, the German and the Brazilian school. Now that thrash is reanimating in this decade we are talking about the new school of America, the new school of Brazil, the school of Italy and of Greece!
The catalogue for a such a small country as Greece is huge and keeps on getting bigger: Breakout, Skullkrusher, Deny, Suicidal Angels, Crucifier, Mortal Threat, Dead city, Death Fiend, Released Anger, Infest, Drunkard, Social Disease, Mentally Defiled, Squad La Terrorista and off course REVENGE.
“Nail Them All” is the fist EP of this band that was released as a cd-r in the first place and then it is being released as a 7” vinyl from Anger Of Metal Records. In this 7” you will find old school thrash the way it was being played in Brazil in ’85-’86. Non-compromising, violent, rampage, thrash which makes you want to beat someone up. Yes my friends, thrash with all the meaning of this sacred word.
REVENGE make their presence well known and take us back in times where metalheads were punks and were filling the stadiums and the streets.
Get this 7’’ now because in some years it would be considered as a cult-classic.
(Metal Invader)