Riverge (Jpn): Rebirth of Skull CD

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Track list:

1.Thought free(’09 new),2.Till I die,3.What a creature(’09 new),4.Positive ruin(’09 new) 5.Hungry child,6.Dual attack,7.Cutting edge,8.Slavish charge


Shoji Nakamura(Vo) Yukiteru Takeshita(G),Yasuyuki Nasu(G), Momoko Ishikawa(B),Katsuyuki Matsumoto(Ds)

They were formed in 1985 and released several demos,’Till I Die’ & ‘Do a threat for eye(CLASSICS!!)’ 7″s and appeared on a compilation LP calls ‘Skull smash’. Toured with CASBAH,JURASSIC JADE,OUTRAGE(JP),DOOM,SHELLSHOCK,SABBAT,UNITED,RAGINGFURY etc. But unfortunately they split up in 1988..

In 2007 after 19 years of silence,’SKULLS’ have RETURNED!!! 2009 finally they will release this KILLER ‘RE-UNION’ ALBUM!! Contains 8-trks. 5 are re-recordings of ’80s their classic tracks and the rest are ‘brand new’ killer tracks!!!

‘Re-Union’?? If this word gives you a bad image,THINK AGAIN!! They
are still killer PURE OLD SCHOOL THRASHERS and play thrashy fast with
killer shredding guitar work,bulldozer bass,raging vocals and heavy
fast thundering drums!!

What bands do you know in current JAPANESE underground metal scene?? SABBAT/METALUCIFER?…Yes. They are GODS! HELLHOUND?…I know they done well at ’08 KIT FEST. ABIGAIL?…Often touring overseas and getting to be well known.

BUT I’M SURE RIVERGE WILL BE ONE OF TOP PRIORITY JP METAL ACTS SOON & When you listen this killer album,you have no choice but put your eyes onto the Japanese underground metal scene!!!