Rothko: Storm Cycle 10″


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“This U.K. experimental electric bass trio has much in common with the isolationist ambience of Labradford. They work in a similarly slow-motion fashion and create a music that sounds futuristic and retrospective simultaneously. The three basses intertwine in a delicate sinuous fashion, calling to mind the manner in which Tortoise made the electric bass a lead instrument. The deep-static effects of fuzz create a symphonic effect here, and when the arpeggios start to resonate, the trio sounds like they are transposing John Fahey guitar tunes across 12 bass strings. The minimalist painter they are named after created similarly airy textures by blending and blurring simple color fields, and the sonic effect of Storm Cycle is as blissful and indefinable as those deep canvases. Released by the Belgian independent label K-RAA-K, this is a beautifully produced recording packaged in elegant graphic design, which adds to the mystery of this inventive ensemble. ” – Skip Jansen