Ruins: Baptised in Hell CD

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Negative Existence has released “Baptized in Hell”, a collection of obscure demos from Germany’s RUINS.

“Baptized in Hell” features the demo tapes “Baptized In The Name Of Satan” and “Bloodstorms Of Hell” along with never-before-released bonus tracks. According to a press release, the music on this album “can be described as ‘black speed metal’ comparable to TOXIC HOLOCAUST, BATHORY, DARKTHRONE and SODOM. Aggressive drumming, extremely memorable and straight forward guitar riffs, and hellish raw throaty vocals complete the overall ‘black speed metal’ atmosphere. The CD features artwork from Mark Riddick, lyrics, photos as well as additional information. The final result is a nonstop headbang-a-thon.”

RUINS was formed in February 2006 and shortly after, a 12-track demo entitled “Baptised In The Name Of Satan” spread throughout the underground. A second tape called “Bloodstorms Of Hell” was circulated the following autumn. RUINS has since recorded more material and will be working with Negative Existence in the future.