Sacrifice: Torment In Fire PIC. LP

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Picture Disc Vinyl in die-cut LP Jacket. Limited to 500 Hand Numbered Copies.

Undeniably one of the best Canadian thrash bands, Sacrifice formed in the mid-eighties, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Rob Urbinati, guitarist Joe Rico, bassist Scott Watts and drummer Gus Pynn. Their debut, Torment in Fire, was a raw and intense release with obvious influence from SLAYER, which opened numerous doors for them. In the next year they shared the stage with thrash legends SLAYER, MEGADETH and POSSESSED, and in ’87 they hit the studio to record their sophomore effort Forward to Termination, which is equal in quality to thrash classics such as Hell Awaits, Bonded by Blood and Darkness Descends. After riding the success of Forward to Termination, SACRIFICE later went back to the studio to record their third full release, Soldiers of Misfortune. Due to the fading interest in thrash and the rising popularity of death metal, not to mention a lack of promotion, Soldiers of Misfortune flew under the radar of most listeners, although it was still an excellent album. After releasing one more album, Apocalypse Inside, the band finally decided to call it quits. (SPutnik Music)