Sacrilegious Impalement: II – Exalted Spectres CD

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“The debut album ‘Cultus Nex’ of SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT gained much attention and praise globally deepening their abyssic chamber of the Black Arts. S.I. returns with II opus ‘Exalted Spectres’, even stronger album than the debut was. The blood of ἀλήθεια runs deep in the veins of these four Wolves of the Black Moon as they roar out their malice Black Metal with an iron will and precise skill of using their nightmarish weapons of omnipotence. From fast, devouring blastbeat to parts of calm solitude ‘Exalted Spectres’ cracks the Universe not only through the lyrics full of profound devotion but also the audial razors to shred your soul. The Afflictive, agonizing work for majestic achievement has been done and never have they gone this deep in their path of exploring the darkness. From the deepest void of their bottomless well they bring you… Exalted Spectres!”