Sarcofagus: Live in Studio 1979 Deluxe LP


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These are the long-lost first recordings of the grandfather of Finnish Heavy Metal. This tape was made in Pan Studio, Helsinki Finland, during a single recording session in May 1979 and buried in time soon after. Lately the tape was rediscovered and is now available on limited high quality vinyl, as it should be!

These early tracks are a brilliant document of the birth of Sarcofagus – the music has its roots in blues and progressive rock, as the band was still searching for its distinctive heavy metal style. Finnish national radio played some of these songs, which then led to a record deal and the rest is heavy metal history.

1. All Those Stories
2. Back to black
3. Go to hell
4. Here I am
5. Lies
6. When I’m gone
7. Thoughts of a sculpture