Satanic Rites: Which Way The Wind Blows CD

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For the first time ever on CD the legendary second album of the mighty NWOBHM band, SATANIC RITES. This is the OFFICIAL re-issue of their 1985 classic LP that is hard to find in its original form. SATANIC RITES started in the early 80’s and released the classic 7” single “Hit and Run / Live to Ride” that is considered to be one of the best singles of that time.

Despite the band’s “black metal” name that was inspired by an old HAMMER movie, they deliver pure traditional heavy metal. “Wich Way The Wind Blows” features the amazing female singer Deborah Ingham wife of bass player David Ingham.

What you get in this mindblowing re-issue is the entire full length album of 1985 remastered from the original source, entire new artwork, booklet with photos, lyrics and story of the band and above all the entire 2-song single from ’81, remastered for your listening pleasure! This album is a must have for EVERY NWOBHM devotee and lover of good hard rock and heavy metal music. Songs like “Fear of the Night”, “Law of the Land”, “Feel the Power” or the chilling title-track will simply tear you into pieces!

This is a limited collector’s edition, so HURRY UP! THESE MATES SIMPLY RULE and we are proud for releasing this jewel.