Satanized: Technical Virginity LP

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Philadelphia’s SATANIZED was made flesh with their first live performance on the day of our Lord 06.06.06. Renowned for delivering highly intense, aberrantly convoluted, and theatrically bizarre live performances, the band has steadily conjured scathing frequencies and heavy rhythms that have left listeners trembling, pummeled and sliced – ready for sacrifice. Amid the assault, freakish moments of high musical complexity and lyrical depravity always ensure a clean kill.

Authors at a loss for words have related SATANIZED’s forbidden fruit as “forward looking avant metal (?)” that simultaneously harkens back to the heavy mindfuck throb of the Jesus Lizard and the disjunct, outside-the-groove damage inflicted by Colossamite, but the cauldron’s ingredients are not so easily identified, much less digested. SATANIZED push into tenebrous spaces previously unheard – a black light shining into a den of darkness.

Following their split 7” with AIDS Wolf and extensive touring, SATANIZED make their full length SKiN GRAFT Records debut with “Technical Virginity”. SATANIZED is the end times: a dense, flinty, and anomalous antidote for modern hyperreality; ritually sewing your seeds of destruction, prick by prick.