Sauron: Thrash Assault CD

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Although apparently still active, Michigan satanic speed metal act Sauron haven’t released anything since 2009- what they managed to creation since their formation in 2000 is definitely worth taking a look at. They play a spin on the blackened thrash genre that sounds like a cross between Nunslaughter (especially comparable to the vocals in Hell’s Unholy Fire) and Toxic Holocaust, and I overall enjoyed Thrash Assault. I was glad to see that Sauron was able to stay away from extreme lyrical and thematic cheese considering their lyrics and name (obviously based around the Lord of the Rings series) have sufficient conditions to be so. What you’ll find here isn’t anything like the atmospheric Tolkien-worshipping tunes of Summoning, Sauron manages to stay fast and classically inspired thrash brimming with awesome guitar solos and chompy drumming.