Sightings: Absolutes LP

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The third release for UK label RIOT SEASON (following Mainliner/Tsurubami) is also the third album release for NYC trio SIGHTINGS. Following their two acclaimed albums (‘Sightings’ on Load + ‘Michigan Haters’ on Psycho-Path) this eight track bastard takes the Sightings sound just that one cm further. The sound is still chaotic, worrying, charming, unnerving, brutal and beautiful all inside 34 minutes. It will dish out a throbbing headache if listened to at the wrong time have no doubts. The sound of sheet metal guitars, god of thunder bass thugery and drums that sound like trash cans being beaten to death are all present and correct. Its no-wave-white-noise-streetbum-inyourface goodness. The vinyl is a limited pressing and will be accompanied by a CD version on Load Records.

LP Tracklisting:

A1. White Keys (2:20)
A2. Infinity Of Stops (3:22)
A3. Anna Mae Wong (7:01)
A4. Bishops (3:57)

B1. Canadian Money (5:39)
B2. Right Side Of The Hall (3:03)
B3. EE (0:45)
B4. Reduction (7:49)