Slauter Xstroyes: Free the Beast CD

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Slauter Xstroyes – Free the Beast CD. Classic 80s power metal out of Chicago with intricate guitar riffing, powerful bass playing and wild over the top vocals! This is the official release of their unreleased 2nd album tracks recorded back in 1987 combined with other earlier unreleased demo recordings. These guys stunned the Chicago area metal scene back in the 80s and steamrolled over the hair band and cover band scene that held the city hostage. They would have been way more at home playing alongside the likes of Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, Jag Panzer or Savatage. For fans of classic metal like Mercyful Fate, Iron Maiden, Omen, Watchtower and others in this mold. With all new 16-page expanded color booklet featuring liner notes, photos, interviews and bonus video track of a previously unreleased song!

It’s official! Guitarist Paul Kratky and bassist Brent Sullivan have reformed Slauter Xstroyes and practices are underway! I heard some of the practices and they are monsterous! Expect some Chicago area shows later in 2009 and they are already booked for the Up the Hammers (2010) fest in Greece!