Slussenanalys: Livets spindlar 7″


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-BLACK VINYL ! (500 X black vinyl)

Riding high on the (re)invigorating (re)interest following the recent reissue of their Aquila Helvetos Asfaltos debut, SLUSSENANALYS – the self-proclaimed “most Swedish noise rock band in Finland” – returns with a concise, consolidating-their-strengths 7″ entitled Livets spindlar. Where their debut LP plumbs the depths of human experience, here SLUSSENANALYS revel in the power ‘n’ glory of that human experience. The rudiments are very much the same – think Chicago and Minneapolis, the Homestead and Ruthless labels, the 1980s – and of course, vocal shaman Esko Lönnberg continues to weave a wild tapestry of existential lyricism, but the music as a whole strives for transcendence/ascendance, to rise above the urban filth ‘n’ muck from which SLUSSENANALYS originally sprang. Head for the hills with Livets spindlar…