Southern Rock Allstars: Danger Road CD

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“With a name like Southern Rock Allstars, it isn’t hard to determine who the target audience for this band is. That’s why it is so surprising that this group isn’t afraid to deviate from the typical southern/guitar rock genre, with some songs having more in common with late 70’s hard rock. I always enjoy albums like Danger Road, where upon first listen only a couple tunes grab your attention, but with repeated listens you find yourself slowly being drawn in.
Now even though some songs might stray from the southern rock path, this IS a southern rock album–and with a total twelve different guitarists appearing (including current or ex members of legends such as Molly Hatchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot, Allman Brothers Band, Rossington Band, etc.), you are guaranteed that there will be solos unleashed at every turn. “Tough Situation” kicks off the disc by going for the throat, and it doesn’t take long for the members to flash their guitar prowess. “Hang On” gets by with it’s sing-a-long chorus while “Rock & Roll Dreams” (a duet with Brother Cane’s Damon Johnson) brings to mind what Meat Loaf would sound like if he played this type of music. “The Hill” is typical of this genre, complete with killer extended guitar jam to bring the song to a close, now throw in an excellent rendition of Thin Lizzy’s “Southbound” and you have one entertaining album.
It’s great to see that the veterans (or “allstars” if you prefer) can get together and release an incredible album, a record that will please it’s audience while still willing to branch out. If the Southern Rock Allstars blow into your town be sure to check them out, until then visit their website at “