Speed Limit: Speed Limit LP


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A jazz-rock quintet formed around MAGMA alumni Sheffer, Dugrenot and Top, Speed Limit recorded two albums in the middle of the 70’s, the first being closer to Bitches Brew, Body Electric (Weather Report) and Elastic Rock (Nucleus) than Upon The Wings Of Music (Ponty), Elegant Gypsy (DiMeola) and Metheny’s Offramp. The second is much more adventurous, mixing early XXth Century classical composers to their proggier sound and adding up a string quartet Their music was never far away from experimental or dissonant music, obviously veered a bit on Zeuhl grounds as well. While Speed Limit wouldn’t break new grounds, they had some ambitious tracks, like the sidelong Pastoral Idyl on their second album, which is clearly the group’s most outstanding achievement. By the end of the 70’s Speed Limit was already forgotten by most of the public and the musicians had turned to other projects.