Spitfire: Blade Runner / A Quiet Man 7″


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Spitfire from Verona was one of the most famous Italian bands on the underground. The demos they did in the 80s were positively welcome even abroad, till reaching the USA for the quite good distribution. Soon they were labelled as “the Italian Iron Maiden” but I think that this definition is not that correct. Yes, Spitfire play classic old school heavy metal and Italy was inevitably influenced by the NWOBHM but at the time there were other bands that played in a style that was closer to Iron Maiden; early Strana Officina for example.

Spitfire released the first demo in 1982, to come back two years after with this single, recently re-released by the same label of the original version that now is ultra rare. This single is called Blade Runner and features two great songs of pure heavy metal. The first song is “Blade Runner” and it immediately features its dark touch. Maybe, this is the main difference between Iron Maiden and Spitfire. Yes, the way the play and the vocals let us go back to the very first Paul Di Anno band’s era, from the galloping riffs to the guitar duets but maybe the production helps in transmitting a gloomy sensation. The structure is catchy and easy to be remembered and the riffs are somehow with the classic epic touch. The bass is various behind the other instruments and the low budget production exalts it in an incredibly good way.

The tempo on these songs is not too elevated and it settles on a sort of classic semi-up tempo. The “A Quiet Man” song is more mid-paced and this tempo sustains good lead lines and a truly powerful march of the other instruments. The rhythmic guitar is essential but good to give the right heaviness, before the catchiness of the refrain. The middle section is excellent because the guitar lines are good at creating a calm atmosphere before restarting with the solo, leading us to the end of this very good but too short output. Spitfire is a never kept promise, the umpteenth one in the 80s Italian metal panorama.