Splinterskin: Wayward Souls CD


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Caught in the oblivious borderland, Splinterskin unveils his spell after years of solitude and hermetic isolation, in the form of a harsh, dark folk music. His tales are told using an old classical guitar accompanied by haunting vocals, violin, and soothing whispers cradled in the delicate atmospheres of autumn. With simple yet mystically riddled lyrics that beckon, Splinterskin taunts the listener with hidden meanings, allegorical concepts, nearly indescribable deep feelings, and a sense of universal understanding only a spirit as Splinterskin could possibly weave together as music.

‘Wayward Souls’ is a collection of tales blending life and death, entities & creatures, hidden wisdom, unknown places, pain and suffering, folklore, possession, insanity, nature and the dark world that surrounds.

With tales such as ‘Dancing Dead Men,’ ‘The Thing that Wasn’t,’ and ‘Chanting Bells Call Shadows’, one can only suspect the moods are of a dark, moody and nightmarish nature…yet, there are no words to truly describe Splinterskin’s message or music.