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Former Dälek Turntablist, Still (Hsi-Chang Lin) goes solo and unleashes a dark ambient masterpiece that borders on sonic terrorism. Created using only Technics 1200’s and an array of effects pedals, Still’s REMAINS is not a “turntablist” record in the traditional sense. Drawing from (and adding to) the history of alternative turntable use, REMAINS is an ambient record whose textures at times run side by side with the work of PHILLIP JECK or APHEX TWIN. Two laborious years were put into the 35 minutes that comprise the album. Each track was painstakingly mapped out and played live in the studio. Opening with aggressive noise and evolving into delicate ambience, REMAINS supersedes the preconceived range of the turntable, infusing emotion into an otherwise inhuman instrument.

“In a small space the sounds tend to be more sharp edged and abrasive. Take it outside and everything seems super organic. Listen to the album on headphones and you’ll be ruined for a month” -Foxy Digitalis

“The songs are noisy, somnabulant swirls of sound, full of grainy, crackling loops and brief snatches of melody. On the surface, his approach is similar to that of UK turntablist Philip Jeck; but, as abrasive as Still’s music can be on a track like the opener “Once Confronted,” it is at heart still soothingly and conventionally lyrical. A lovely record, which had me nodding off in a very good way.” -Rare Frequency

“(I)t’s not only the occasional punk rock flamboyance of his methods, but his well-tuned compositional sense that sets him apart from turntablism’s rank and file. Whether building tracks around spiralling waves of feedback processed through the tonearm of the turntable (‘Once Confronted’), layer upon layer of tape loops (‘Atrophy’,) backwards samples (‘Need’) or edits of live performance (‘Blindness’) the most consistently surprising factor about ‘Remains’ is the sheer scope of the sounds Still miraculously manages to coax from his turntables. Truly extraordinary.”-Playlouder (UK)

“Although extremely dense and oppressive, the six tracks featured here allow for emotions to run through. While soundscapes are assembled, twisted, looped and processed, Lin weaves debris of musical elements through his sonic structures, as to remain in touch with the raw material used. This adds an interesting layer of humanity throughout this album and reveals a hidden depth to his compositions.” –The Milk Factory (UK)

“Hsi-Chang Lin focuses on de-constructing the theory of music and sets his sight on something different and more visceral. Turntablist junkies might not appreciate everything this guy does, but they’ve got to appreciate his unique style which no one can say has been done before.” –