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“Tank Of Danzig are a hybrid band, combining the
aggression of punk, the doom funk of it’s day (A Certain Ratio, James Chance), no jazz and nu groove (it wasn’t called like that in those days) to play some hyper active dance music, dominated by the blearing of a saxophone and the aggressive sing-shout of Schengel. It’s not music that easily is called ‘polished’, but an excellent drive to it. ‘So Hungry, So Angry’, that great song by Medium Medium is something that comes close to the sound of Tank Of Danzig. Disco not disco. It’s hard sitting down and listening as this is definitely the kind of music that makes people move. Great bass lines, funky drumming, disco guitars (but much, much more raw) and the saxophone and voice in a free mode. I believe back then they used the term ‘big city funk’ and ‘crisis funk’ – especially the latter term seems very appropriate these days. Unfortunately the crisis of our times isn’t used to create similar great music as they did in 1982.
Tank Of Danzig: great discovery! (FdW)