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Koen: According to my colleague Tormentor Erich, Kreator’s newest output ‘Hordes Of Chaos’ is the thrash album of the year 2009. He dared to say this in January already. Who am I to object this statement, because the Essen quartet really made a glorious effort! I would like to make a statement myself in February however: Taranis made the underground thrash metal album of the year! I really dug their debut full-length ‘Taranis’ which came out in 2007, but with ‘Flandriae’ these Flanders really exceeded themselves!

In my opinion, Taranis is one of the most prominent groups on the contemporary thrash metal revival. With ‘Flandriae’ you will find yourself in a world of infinite hatred, sorrow and disgust. Their black/thrash dawns upon us and is destined to set ablaze the entire extreme metal scene with undomesticated fury and lethal precision. Those who adore Bewitched ‘Diabolical Desecration’ will for sure admire ‘Flandriae’ as well. The Running Wild cover ‘Black Demon’ is great too! Check out this one and be patient for the interview with mastermind Bjorn Desmet which will be published in our next issue!

Rating: 95/100 (details)