Teemu Elon Puhuvat Eläimet: Kointähden Siirtokunta 2LP

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NEWSFLASH 1/2010: “Kointähden siirtokunta”, the second album by Teemu Elon Puhuvat Eläimet, will be released in the 17th of February! Two new songs, “Kuiskausten kesä” and “Lohikäärmelaulu”, available here now!

Hailing from Pori, Finland, Teemu Elon Puhuvat Eläimet is a true all stars line-up guided by band leader Teemu Elo’s unbeatable composing and lyric-writing skills. Teemu Elon Puhuvat Eläimet exploits the best traditions of western music and creates a unique, rich, many-sided combination, where you can hear nuances of classic rock, folk music, psychedelia, free jazz and nursery rhymes.

Teemu Elon Puhuvat Eläimet has been an active unit since the beginning of 2006. During 2006 and 2007 the band proved its exploding and exciting live force by playing several successful concerts, including gigs in Helsinki, Tampere and the legendary Mummi Kutoo festival.

In the beginning of 2008, Teemu Elon Puhuvat Eläimet released their debut album, the wonderfully adventurous “Hämmästyttävät Puhuvat Eläimet”, on Helmi Levyt label. Following the release, the band performed around Finland, often appearing with their fine label mates Joose Keskitalo ja Kolmas Maailmanpalo.

Most of the year 2009, the Puhuvat Eläimet spent concentrating on producing their second album. The band made a few surprising performances, often with a stripped-down line-up.