The Dawn of DIMI (Mika Taanila, Erkki Kurenniemi) DVD


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Kinotar, Kiasma / 2003
180 mins, Subtitles: English, Dialogue: Finnish/Swedish/English

Mika Taanila’s film about the Finnish electronic music visionary Erkki Kurenniemi, The Future Is Not What It Used To Be, was screened as part of the opening events for the 50th Venice Biennale on June 13, 2003. After the screening there was a special tribute concert, featuring Pan sonic, Carl Michael von Hauswolff and Erkki Kurenniemi himself. This DVD contains the documentary, plus Kurenniemi’s various short films and animations and concert footage from the early 70s. Also includes a booklet with an essay by Erkki Huhtamo, full track credits with complete background information plus archive photographs.


The Future Is Not What It Used To Be by Mika Taanila (52 mins)

Pan Sonic plays Kurenniemi – live at Kiasma Theatre November 21, 2002 (59 mins)

reconstruction of “Deal” performance (1971) by Kurenniemi (6 mins)

DIMI-Ballet (1971) by Kurenniemi (12 mins)

six experimental films made by Kurenniemi during the 1960s: ‘Electronics In The World of Tomorrow’, ‘Computer Music’, ‘The Punch Tape of Life’, ‘Flora & Fauna’ and ‘Carnaby Street’ (altogether 42 mins)

generative Basic II computer animations by Kurenniemi (7 mins)

picture/text gallery of all Kurenniemi’s electronic instruments, with his own liner notes + comments

picture/text gallery of Kurenniemi’s Tonal Theory. Speculation on the relationship of mathematic and musical harmonies.