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The Pope sound something like a kamikaze Fokker Jachtkruiser on a midnight strafing run over London might’ve, while humongous flak guns fill the sky with chunks of steel, in a vain attempt to bring them down. Nothing can keep this chugging, lethal bird from being aloft. As you should know, the Pope is a bulletproof institution, and when they prepare to drop stheir sonic payload, pulverization results.

The (Wantage) Pope comprises two men and their wall of overdriven solid state power. They come from the land of avocado trees and Colin Farrell sightings, but rather than play Jane’s covers, they go the route of mighty forebearers like godheadSilo, Karp, Unwound, and Hammerhead, Steel Pole Bathtub and the Whip as well as contemporary nut-jobs like Lightning Bolt and Big Business.

Sports is a theme record, interspersed with wild soundbites from real-deal sporting events. The music ranges between triumphal and milataristic metal to wild spasmodic blasts. Daniel “Bad Dudes” Haworth made sure that this was their best recording to date, and the good people at Golden Mastering cranked it up so it practically turns itself up, once lodged in the player. At 17 total tracks and thirty plus minutes, it’s ambitious and labored-over piece of work that is set to break minds from here to Bishkek.
RIYL: godheadSilo, Karp, Hammerhead.