Thor: Keep The Dogs Away 30th Anniversary Remastered CD

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This Remembrance Day, we are very happy to bring you iconic rock figure Thor’s debut album from 1978, Keep The Dogs Away, for the first time on CD, complete with cleaned up sound and a handful of bonus tracks also from his first and finest era. By now you are likely aware of the many subsequent albums Thor has made venturing from his metal days in the 80’s and 90’s through his numerous flirtations with punk in the last decade. With all respect due to Thor’s many comebacks, it is his first album Keep The Dogs Away that has been his diamond, his little piece of glam rock perfection that has and will continue to stand the test of time. Perhaps never fully appreciated upon first release due to the larger than life novelty aspect of muscleman Thor himself, and the fact that the music was given a back seat by the media to the comic book like feats of strength Thor employed to get the initial attention, or perhaps his Chippendale-esque takeover of the Merv Griffin show in 1976…for whatever reason the music was never taken as seriously as it merits. We will point out that many of the 70’s efforts by similar over the top rock shows such as Alice Cooper and Kiss were also similarly critically derided, and history has proven their early efforts were of far more worth than initially considered. And so it is that the long neglected masters for Keep The Dogs Away are finally being dusted off, re-polished, and released on CD and digital download for the first time ever, and we ask that you pay respects for what is one of the great Canadian rock albums ever made. And beyond simply being a great Canadian album, easily Keep The Dogs Away holds it’s own nicely alongside the finest efforts of the Sweet, Ziggy era Bowie, Mott The Hoople, Sweeney Todd/Nick Gilder, T-Rex, and the like


1. Keep The Dogs Away
2. Sleeping Giant
3. Catch A Tiger
4. I’m So Proud
5. Tell Me Lies
6. Military Matters
7. Superhero
8. Wasted
9. Rosie
10. Thunder

CD Bonus Tracks:
11. Battlestreet
12. Crusader
13. Rosie (demo)
14. I’m Thor (live in Toronto 1974)
15. Blame
16. Catch Another Tiger
17. Dogs Revisited