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THOR has returned with a vengeance with his latest album “Thor Against The World.” Without a doubt, after eight albums and nearly 30 years of playing rock n’ roll around his belt, THOR has released his most solid album since his 1985 release, “Only The Strong”. With a variety of instruments and several catchy choruses’, “Thor Against The World” proves to keep your head banging ‘til the last track!

The album starts off with a very catchy title track, which I must warn, has a chorus that may get stuck in your head for days. Of course, the tune is about THOR himself, but I seem to never get tired of those MANOWAR-esque, self-pride ballads.

Moving on is “Creature Feature” which is a personal favorite because I love how the tempo of the guitar and drums start from slow to incredibly fast as the song progresses, and it’s great to know that THOR’s voice is still going strong as ever. The next three tracks, “Easy Woman”, “Serpent’s Kiss” and “Glimmer” have that heart-throb atmosphere, but do not be fooled, THOR is not going glam on us, but he seems to be going to his roots since these songs have that old school, rock feel which happens to remind me of THOR’s earlier releases from the 80’s.

Unlike the epic album “Triumphant,” THOR explores new boundaries and offers refreshing tunes instead of recycled junk as some bands might do. Besides THOR venturing off into love ballads, this album proves to take a big step into new instrumental compositions, for example, “Glimmer” features female vocals and even a saxophone, which works well with the song. Even “Hard To Cry” uses harmonics which might sound like a big shock for you THOR fans out there, but it’s pulled off beautifully and how about some techno in “Megaton Man”? Yes, you read that right, a techno tune on a THOR album, and “Megaton Man” is a revised version of “Megaton.” Hopefully we’ll see a revision for “Ride Of The Chariots” in the next album!

In no way, shape or form does THOR show any signs of age with “Thor Against The World.” On top of it being a solid release, and most likely a sleeper hit, this album will never get old in my books.

Hail THOR and Rock On!