Tilt: Ride The Tiger – The Anthology CD

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TILT were one of the biggest hopes of British Metal during late 80s. “This band is going to be massive” to quote the late great Tommy Vance from his Friday Rock Show, but alas this was not to be as internal frictions and music biz frustration did for TILT and they disbanded in 1991, remaining a legend after many years. Original “Ride The Tiger” album was critical acclaimed receiving 4 K’s in Kerrang magazine.
“Ride The Tiger – The Anthology” includes “Ride The Tiger” album (originally released in 1987), “Something Wicked This Way Comes” EP (originally released in 1990) and previously unreleased material.

01. Ride The Tiger
02. Jumping The Gun
03. Blood And Sand
04. Six String Tease
05. Bedlam Rocks
06. One Night Wanda
07. Wayward Child
08. Dark Heart
09. Red Handed
10. Mayday
11. Cry Of The Jackal
12. Sin Child
13. Watching The Skies
14. On Ice
15. Beautiful Animal
16. Die Hard (live)
17. Rise Up Against The World (live)
18. All Or Nothing (live)
19. Long Live The King (live)

Highly recommended for fans of SCORPIONS, SAXON and N.W.O.B.H.M.