Toni Laakso: S/T 7″


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“It takes some real confidence to release a challenging release like this in anything more than a micro edition. No surprise then that the uncompromising and always-fascinating Lal Lal Lal imprint stands behind this release which was recorded by a Finnish ninth-grader, Toni Laakso, back in 1990 and 1991. Equipped with various cheap musical instruments this young fellow was still obviously trying to find his own musical expression. Even though being rough, primitive, seriously damaged and utterly lo-fi one can’t help but be impressed by Laakso’s vision. It’s possible that knowing his age at the time of the recordings may add something to my appreciation, but I still think Toni Laakso would actually stand up rather well in comparison with most of the far out contemporary avant and noise artists making the rounds these days.”

-Mats Gustafsson / Broken Face #16