Topmost: Topmost LP (CLEAR)


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Clear vinyl, 200 copies.

In 1967 Topmost were at the top of their game in Finland. There were shows around Scandinavia, and the band’s live repertoire consisted of pop, soul and rhythm & blues, some numbers in Finnish and others in English. Their earlier single releases had received some acclaim, although the band were still on the lookout for a big hit song. Around that time the focus in the international music scene begun shifting from singles to albums, and Finnish record labels paid attention. Would it be possible to make studio albums in Scandinavia too? First Finnish pop groups to try their hand at album-making were Blues Section, Jormas and Topmost.

Topmost begun sessions for this album in July 1967. The album would contain cover tracks and original materials, and the plan was to release it on Parlophone, the label made famous by The Beatles. But then something happened, and Topmost’s album is one of those hidden gems in pop history which were doomed into early oblivion. There were sessions held until autumn and Finland’s pop-crazed youth were eagerly anticipating the album. Local music magazines announced the album would be out by Christmas 1967. But nothing seemed to happen. The album did come out, but was it in late 1967 or early 1968? Some sources say the album was released in 1967, but so late it didn’t make it to the Christmas season. Suosikki Magazine (1/1968) mentions the album being released in January 1968 due to problems with printing. Perhaps the stylish gatefold jacket delayed the process?

The album received little or no promotion and its Finnish label folded soon after. This was an exceptionally sad state of affairs, especially considering how good the album was. A lively, electric, youthful burst of energy and playfulness, made by teenagers. It is a perfect snapshot of the peak year of pop music that was 1967. Also, it has been somewhat impossible to find for the past 50 years. Band members estimate there were 300 copies pressed in 1967, and even though most of the material on the album has been included on later CD compilations, this is the first time the actual album is available after the brief period of the original release.

The Svart reissue features the original gatefold layout plus new liner notes.