Two Are One: A Question of Time CD

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OK guys, hands down for an AOR gem that is nearly impossible to find… I can’t say how long I’ve searched for this CD, but finally I found a spare copy that I can offer you today! Ever heard of TWO ARE ONE? I’m pretty sure that you don’t. TWO ARE ONE is a German duo that released their only CD back in 1995. And it’s one of the best German indie AOR gems I know!

Just listen to the stunning opener “A Question Of Time” that comes along with a huge chorus, rocking guitars and, blown keyboards and a tasty saxophone solo. I promise, that you will love this song. It reminds me very much of BLONDE ON BLONDE meets QUEEN OF SPADES. “Victim On The Run” is a cool rocker, while “It’s My Way Of Loving You” comes along like a midtempo Westcoast-song , with a blend of summer. “Go Girl” is a powerful keyboard-dominated Hi-tech influenced AOR song with another memorable hookline in the vein of QUEEN OF SPADES. With big pumping keyboards and rocking guitars “No More” brings you right back to pure AOR – wow, what an ultra slick chorus. It totally reminds me of PERFECT CRIME meets MERRY N – a song I can listen to again and again! “No Mercy” reminds me of LEGEND while “Stella” is a tasty and light uptempo song.

The production is powerful and crystal clear and the musicianship is absolutely flawless. Especially the big keys and the blistering guitars rock big time. And of course female singer Martina Machke has a great powerful, smoky voice, that reminds me of ROBIN BECK, DARBY MILLS and HOLLY WOODS. Well, there are at least 13 tracks in total, without a bad song. There are even some real killer tunes that will leave you breathless. One of the best German Indie AOR gem – and HYPER RARE! If you like bands in the vein of Queen Of Spades – Merry N – Legend – Blonde On Blonde – Perfect Crime, worth to search for that…