Unholy Grave: Terroraging Crisis CD

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Beamed straight to your cerebrum from the guts of a rust-and-barbedwire encased boombox comes this fucking on-fire mugging from the Japanese grind-noise masters Unholy Grave. Hard to freaking believe that these guys have been at it since, what, 14 years now? Holy crap. Possibly one of the most prolific bands on the planet, the Grave have put out somewhere in the vicinity of one million 7″s, split EP’s, and tapes (including one on Crucial Blast!), making Agathocles look like a bunch of softcakes. And they’re still going strong, as evidenced by Unholy Graves’ recently tours of sections of the US to spread their maniacal grind gospel, and amidst this flurry of global activity, have issued their 5th full length album Terroraging Crisis. 20 tracks of low-fi RAAW grindcore with blown-out 4-track production, coated in a thick sheen of melted tape hiss and low-end distortion, total old school Earache style (theres even a Repulsion cover in there), veering from hyperspeed blastbeat nukestorms to AWESOME tear-down-the-roof midtempo thrash breakdowns with crazy catchy hooks, as singer Takaho wrings out his scraps of throat with some of the most bizarre vocal utterances this side of Yamatsuka Eye and Mike Patton. Imagine Yamatsuka Eye fronting Scum-era Napalm Death, which pretty much sums up the Grave’s facemelting fuzz armageddon. And despite their trademark raw recording quality, this is immensely heavy! Anything these freaks vomit up is thrashtastic, and fits (un)comfortably amongst the general Japanese grind weirdness of bands like Bathtub Shitter, Melt Banana, and C.S.S.O. Includes an 8 page booklet with all of their haiku-like lyrics. Rippin! © CRUCIAL BLAST