Vapaa: Hum Hum Hum CD


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Vapaa is a loose collective of musicians but this recording represents the basic “core” group; Joel Kivela, Tiitus Petajaniemi, Keijo Virtanen and Jari-Pekka Koho. We met in Jyvaskyla Finland in year 2003-2004 and after that we have made many records to different labels and played live shows around Finland and one tour in Europe as Keijo and The Free Players.

Organic, drifting psychedelic improv without much in the way of modern equivalents. Easily compared to a few Krautrock favorites (early Amon Duul 2 and a very quiet Ash Ra Tempel)– but in general a bit more relaxed (perhaps a little International Harvester?) For those well versed in the ‘LVD sound’, this is fairly definitive.