Vectom: Speed Revolution / Rules Of Mystery CD

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Vectom—a German band that I had never heard of in my entire life… and I would assume that few people have heard of this band!?  Included are both of their full-lengths, “Speed Revolution” (1985) and “Rules of Mystery” (1986), which were originally released on the equally obscure labels Intercord and Scratchcore respectively.  While not as aggressive as what Germany’s “big three” (Destruction, Kreator, and Sodom) were doing around this time period, the material is fast, aptly rugged, and certainly competent thrash with no frills.  A little dirtier and more in your face than the standard metal fare with its sneering vocals, oft-chaotic solos, avoidance of melody, and generally speedy pacing, there’s still a good dose of traditional heavy metal at work in the songwriting itself, which makes for some punchy, memorable arrangements that provide a good level of energy and help to carry the listen through.  As would be expected from the “development” shown on any sophomore effort, the compositions making up “Rules of Mystery” are slightly longer and more diverse in terms of tempo changes and riffing styles (i.e. some melody does start to present itself)—though not terribly far removed from the debut per se.  The vocals do lean more towards actual “singing” in some ways, while the leads possess a hint more control and the overall feel of the tracks lacks the same raw intensity of “Speed Revolution” (which I do prefer), but I don’t find that to detract from the validity of the material at all.  The booklet contains lyrics and a photo of each band member along with the two original album covers.  No recording information or liner notes are included, and the tracklist seems to be missing the song “Elixir of Death” (though it is on the CD), but that’s not a big deal.  In the end you’re in for over an hour’s worth of solid old school thrash that should appeal to most any diehard fan of the genre’s heyday, and I’m always amped to see these kinds of reissues surface, so I damn sure commend the label’s efforts on this one!