Verde: Kärmes CD


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Verde is a band lead by Finnish underground music veteran and DIY
electronics king Mika Rintala. He was part of Circle’s arguably finest
line-up and founding member of their spin-off project Ektroverde.

As said, Mika is the master of DIY electronic instruments. He builds
his own synthesizers (most legendary being bookshelf-sized Ruma [The
Ugly]), speakers, microphones, amplifiers – basically any equipment
that can be used in creating or recording sound. Some of the finest
recording studios in Finland (including Finnish National Broadcast
company) use some equipment built or customized by him.

Kärmes (Serpent) is Verde’s third proper CD release (in addition to
dozen or so obscure CD-R releases). Once again, it’s an eclectic mix
of styles and influences yet instantly recognizable and original
Verde. Mika’s psychedelic yet earthy synths are accompanied by a
variety of percussion, acoustic and electric string instruments and a
bit of wind instruments by a bunch of talented amateur and
professional musicians Mika likes to collaborate with. Also, for the
first time, this CD features a proper male choir, although used in
most unorthodox way.

Despite and honed and professional touch, do not expect dry academic
experimental sound art. This music is playful and entertaining
(although as far from your standard radio pop hits as possible)!
Musicians are having fun and enjoy breaking the boundaries. Still,
Kärmes has its dark and serious sides. Epic title track and
post-apocalyptic blues of Digitaalinen ydinjäte (Digital Nuclear
Waste) are stark commentary of modern world and its insane consumerist
culture of negligence and idiocy. Mika’s major interests along music
are long-distance running, orienteering and nature photography, so
mindless destruction of environment is a constant source of
frustration and anger to him. Verde is green music. Music by real
humans for real humans.

If you’re into Faust and krautrock in general, Bitches Brew -era Miles
Davis, early Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream, Nurse With Wound and
such, you can’t go wrong with Verde and especially Kärmes.